Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sullivan County - Hackettstown / Beechcraft Bonanza A36 (N6835W) / VFR

With lots of traffic around New York this evening, I made a little flight in one of my Bonanzas from the small Sullivan County International Airport in Monticello to the even-smaller Hackettstown Airport in the town of the same name. It's amusing to see the former called “international,” but that's more of an administrative issue than a real-world issue (I don't think too many international flights start or end at Sullivan County).

The weather was very marginal VFR, but it was still light out and I didn't feel like filing IFR, and the terrain is quite flat. I filed HUO.SAX.BWZ. At 3500 feet, I was just below the cloud deck, and it was misty but still legal for VFR. The flight went quite smoothly, despite some occasional thunder and lightning in the distance.

The landing at Hackettstown was moderately challenging simply because the airport is so little. I had to come in right over the trees. The airport seemed very sparse in the sim, but it turns out that it looks the same way in real life.

I accidentally filed 192 KTAS for my speed for this flight (copying and pasting an old Baron flight plan), when in fact for the Bonanza it's more like 164 KTAS, but that's no big deal.