Friday, July 17, 2009

Lake Havasu - Wickenburg / Cessna 182RG Skylane (N7109V) / VFR

My virtual guests were finally ready to fly back from Dullsville Lake Havasu, and wanted to seek out the Hassayampa River in Wickenburg, so I flew them there in the Cessna I had left parked at the airport (after Scotty beamed me to KHII from Denver, of course).

The flight went well. This was one of those very rare flights that I've flown direct, as there was no significant terrain or unusual airspace between Lake Havasu and Wickenburg, and it was only a 85-nm trip. I just set my heading to 110 with the Nav-O-Matic, and set out at 7500 feet for E25. I verified my position by watching for Alamo Lake, which I passed over exactly as planned, and then used the Needles and Buckeye VORs to steer my way to the airport.

Landing was very smooth. The heat was oppressive.