Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Phoenix - San Diego / Boeing 737-800 (SWA2302) / IFR

I mirrored Flight 2302 from KPHX to KSAN on this flight, and arrived at the same time as the real flight, departing and arriving at the same gates as well.

All went smoothly, except that I forgot to engage the autothrottle for take-off. I looked at the switch but forgot to actually flip it. On the take-off roll, I set 70% N1 manually, then pressed the TOGA switch to let autothrottle take over. I saw TOGA on the PFD and it seemed vaguely not right, but I didn't think it through. It was only after I heard an overspeed annunciation and saw that I was at 315 KIAS below 10,000 feet that I realized that the A/T was not engaged. I engaged it and slowed down, but it was a minute or two before I could get the FMC back on the climb profile.

Also, while entering my route, I added and removed things one too many times, I guess, and all the waypoints I needed for the approach and arrival were not there, so I added them by hand on the way in.

The landing was very smooth, albeit not perfectly centered (I hand flew the approach because the LOC 27 approach has no glide slope). The very annoying flicker of the airport surfaces marred my arrival. It's very frustrating and I wish someone knew exactly how to fix it (it's not always like that).

I parked at the gate slightly before the real-world flight. However, I had left on time, whereas the real flight was a bit late getting started.