Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Phoenix - Sedona / Cessna 182RG Skylane (N7109V) / VFR

With some virtual friends aboard, I left Phoenix VFR via runway 26. I was cleared for 5500 or below with a right downwind departure approved. I made my pattern turns but had my VOR set to the wrong radial. I had intended to fly over Camelback Mountain and up towards Carefree before turning towards the Verde River (in order to clear the Class B sooner), but I went too far and ended up heading directly north to Scottsdale, then making straight to Bartlett Lake from there.

Flying over the Verde River valley in excellent VMC, I was able to stay at 5500 feet for the whole flight. This put me pretty low and I had to take care to stay in the valley, but I did all right. I set my VOR to Flagstaff and followed a radial up to LYRIT (based on my DME), then turned towards the airport. The landing was glassy smooth; my passengers scarcely realized we had touched down.