Monday, July 20, 2009

Greeley County - Aspen / Beechcraft Baron 58 (N2751W) / VFR

With two virtual friends eager to visit Aspen, I set out from Greeley in excellent weather. I skirted the Class B to the west at 8500, then gradually climbed to a dizzying 14500 to get over the mountains, with my passengers and myself dutifully huffing oxygen along the way. The weather was very clear and the scenery was very impressive. Although I monitored ATC I didn't really need to talk to them until we neared Aspen. I've been to Aspen before and we were in excellent VMC, so I called in a short distance east of Red Table and was quickly directed towards the airport, which I could easily see as I passed the mountaintop on which the Red Table VOR is located. I was promptly cleared to land and landed with no problem at all, having done this approach (in good weather) many times.

My passengers were happy despite the awkwardness of having to use supplemental oxygen. Oxygen isn't legally required for passengers below 15000 but I strongly recommended it anyway.