Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wickenburg - Phoenix / Cessna 152 (N706YL) / VFR

It dawned on me while looking at a chart that Grand Avenue, a diagonal street that runs northwest from central Phoenix, turns into a highway that leads all the way up to Wickenburg—so I decided to fly from Wickenburg to Phoenix just by following this highway/street. It worked pretty well. It took a while—everything seems to take a while in a 152—but it worked out okay. I eventually came in over Sun City West and Sun City, and had a bit of trouble spotting the transition from highway to Grand Avenue, but I eventually had to turn east, anyway, in order to make my downwind for runway 26. Landing was without incident, and I parked at Cutter, my favorite FBO (even though I've never been there in real life!).

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