Friday, September 19, 2008

San Diego - San Francisco / Boeing 737-800 / IFR

Flying as Southwest Airlines Flight 89, I made a quick trip from San Diego to San Francisco this afternoon (local time). As usual, it was a challenge to try to adjust my speed to match the real-world flight. The RW flight pushed back before I did, but took off after I did, which complicated things. For a while we had identical projected arrival times, then I was a bit early, then I became a bit late. However, we were within a couple minutes of each other.

I hand-flew the landing and did a reasonably good job. I had a very slight crosswind but that wasn't too difficult to deal with. I did have some trouble finding the gate: I knew which terminal it was, but reading the signs was hard, and I ended up finding an empty gate and parking there.

There was some general aviation traffic using the same runways, which made me a bit nervous, but there was ATC online so things worked out okay.