Monday, September 22, 2008

Phoenix - Los Angeles / Boeing 737-800 / IFR

Duplicating Southwest Airlines Flight 701 this afternoon, I actually came in a bit later than the real flight; I'm not sure why. Everything went smoothly. I did notice that the real flight was moving along pretty well compared to the speed they filed for (440 kts over the ground, compared to 427 filed), whereas I was a bit slower; perhaps the winds aloft were different.

Anyway, I finally got into LAX. My gate was a lonely little gate, Gate 1 at Terminal 1, and after arriving I discovered that the real flight had changed to Gate 2 at the last minute. Oh well.

The weather was nice and clear, although it was ridiculously and intolerably hot in Phoenix and hotter than I like in Los Angeles (especially with all that humidity). Fortunately that part of the real world isn't simulated. In my apartment, the weather is just fine.