Sunday, September 7, 2008

San Carlos - Pegasus Airpark / Cessna 182RG-II / VFR

This brief flight was an exercise in pilotage. From San Carlos Airport (4AZ7) on the Apache Reservation, I followed Old San Carlos Road and then followed Route 70 to Globe, continued through Miami on Route 60 and followed that all the way to Superior. From there I continued over Route 60 to the "fork in the road" at Florence, where Route 60 turns northwest to become the Superstition Freeway and Highway 79 goes south. From there I went straight ahead on heading 234 roughly, based on the route I had planned on a chart, looking for radial 291 from PXR. Sure enough, when I reached that radial, I had Pegasus Airpark in sight. Everything went very well, and I was never higher than 3000 feet AGL. I did file a flight plan, though, just in case.