Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cannes - Nice - Cannes / Cessna 152 (N801YL) / VFR

I made a small round trip just for fun from the little airport at Cannes to the much larger airport in Nice, and back again. I don't often fly outside the U.S. because the regulations change at every border (especially for VFR) and they are extremely hard to look up.

The flight from Cannes to Nice is very short, even in an anemic Cessna 152. Not much in the way of navigation is required; just turn left at the shoreline, fly past a largish mountain, and set up your approach for Nice. I don't even remember if Nice allows VFR traffic in real life, but this was offline so it didn't matter.

Landing at Nice went without incident. A few minutes later, I flew back to Cannes, and that went okay, too.