Saturday, September 13, 2008

Philipsburg - San Juan / Boeing 747-400 / IFR

I finally had time to make a short flight from Sint Maarten to Puerto Rico today. I took the 747-400 since I needed to remain current on that aircraft. Cloudy weather but no rain. It was a short flight and uneventful, so to make it interesting I flew the arrival and approach by hand. I'm still not very good at flying heavies by hand. I did manage to make a soft and proper landing, however, even though I slipped a bit below the glide path while still some miles out.

I find myself wishing for a small corporate jet that I could use to fly between smaller airports at higher speeds. Eaglesoft had been talking about a nice new Citation model but they seem to have abandoned that—and in any case I have no means of buying anything right now.