Friday, September 26, 2008

Big Bear City - Palm Springs / Beechcraft Baron 58 / VFR

I'm getting rusty in my Baron, so I took it out for a spin today, flying out of Big Bear City and landing at nearby Palm Springs.

I have a boatload of avionics in the Baron, so much so that it affects the frame rates, but the avionics suite that I have would make a real pilot's mouth water. I draw the line at full glass cockpits, though, mainly because I know way too much about the unreliability of software.

Thanks to my Sandel ST400, I was able to navigate my way out of Big Bear and away from the lake without consulting the sectional more than briefly. Coming into PSP was uneventful, except that ATC mysteriously directed me to make a left base for 13R when in fact I had 31R at my 3 o'clock. This was presently corrected and I landed without incident, although it was a rather hard landing, which proves that I've become rusty.

Frame rates were terrible, and I don't know why. Sometimes it's just like that.