Sunday, June 7, 2009

Phoenix - Eloy - Gila Bend / Cessna 182RG Skylane (N7109V) / VFR

Just to break things up a bit, I went down to Eloy and then to Gila Bend. Not a very eventful flight, but peaceful. I'm much better at holding headings and altitudes when flying by hand these days, so it's not quite as exhausting as it used to be.

Getting to Eloy was just a matter of leaving the pattern and following the PHX143 radial out to just west of Eloy. I picked Eloy because it was at the edge of the TAC (as good a reason as any, right?). I had to look close to find the airport, but I located it in plenty of time to do my approach. Landing was smooth.

Shortly thereafter I was off to Gila Bend on V94, which simply means west to the Stanfield VOR and then to the Gila Bend VOR. No problems encountered, much cooler aloft than on the ground. Landed smoothly at dusk.