Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bandon - Seattle / Beechcraft Bonanza A36 (N6835W) / VFR

Real-time log:

Tired of following the shoreline, checked location of Interstate 5 on chart, set GPS to COBUR to take me to meet up with I-5 north of Eugene, well inland. Climb to 3500.

Lots of clouds inland, climbing to 5500 to avoid them and turning temporarily north. Managed to get around the big fluffy ones, still some misty patches. Turned back towards COBUR, setting HDG mode to make it easier to stay pointed to the waypoint. Fern Ridge reservoir and Eugene visible ahead.

Up and down, back and forth over Eugene, trying to avoid clouds, which are all over the place. Finally I got past the clouds and found some clear air, as well as Interstate 5 beneath me. Turning north to follow the highway, down to 4500.

It's a bit misty below but I can still make out the highway. I've set VOR1 to UBG, which is almost aligned with the highway, just to be safe. Clear skies ahead, some high clouds but they won't be a factor for me, the weather radar shows them and I can see them in front of me some miles ahead. On the chart and up ahead the Interstate is relentlessly straight north up until Millersburg or so.

The weather is improving over Salem. Hard to follow the Interstate but I can see it continuing north of town up ahead. Visibility much better now.

I've crossed a river the name of which I don't know (doesn't seem to be named on the chart), and I can see Portland up ahead. Still following the Interstate. Weather is pretty good VMC, visibility many miles. Tuning BTG on VOR2 in case I lose the Interstate through Portland.

No difficulty following the Interstate through Portland, passing just west of the airport, could easily see the highway the whole time.

The Interstate was easy to follow in contrast to the surrounding terrain. I was unable to see Mt. St. Helens as I passed west of it near Silver Lake, as it was obscured by clouds. No clouds in my way, though, fortunately. I've tuned OLM for safety.

Winds are from the north, entering Class B from the south, turning east and planning a straight-in approach to 34C. Very smooth approach and landing, and taxi over to the GA ramp off of Golf. Nearly half of my full fuel load used on this trip.