Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lake Havasu - Gila Bend / Cessna 182RG II (N7049S) / VFR

I'm happy to say that this was s textbook flight, everything went right, even though it was night VFR.

I filed PKE055031.BXK262042.GBN285039.GBN as my route. This would take me over very low terrain, which was important because the desert is completely dark at night and the moon isn't out. I wanted a big margin between me and terrain, so I filed for 7500 feet, which would keep me thousands of feet above everything on my path.

I worked out my route on SkyVector so that I had headings to fly and fixes to find. I was able to fly almost exactly the runway heading out of Lake Havasu to reach my first fix, PKE055031, then from there I turned towards my second fix, BXK262042, and managed to reach it within a mile or so. Then it was from there on a heading of 142 to the GBN 285 radial, which I met 39 miles out, just as planned. A gradual descent towards the airfield follow, and I made a very nice right base into the airport, with a very gentle touchdown. Everything went just fine.

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