Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Kingman - Sedona / Beechcraft Baron 58 (N2720V) / VFR

I flew back from deadly dull Kingman today. It was not very satisfying because I had no charts, plates, or documentation, thanks to my Internet problems (1-2 kbps instead of the 8000 kbps fraudulently advertised by France Télécom/Orange). But I felt the urge to fly. I just went by instruments and memory; Kingman and Sedona aren't that far apart (at least in terms of physical distance).

Lots of snow everywhere, so the terrain was bland in a way and pleasant in a way. I filed VFR and noted Interstate 40 and Interstate 17 as my route, but actually I made direct PGS then direct FLG for a while (on the PGS092 radial) and then finally turned south a bit and picked up I-40. I turned southwest of KFLG and picked up I-17 briefly before turning towards Sedona. I almost missed the airport (lack of charts again), but I saw it on the EHSI and TAWS, which was better than nothing. Had I been looking in precisely the right direction I might have spotted it out the window, although it was kind of misty outside.

My first day of vacation is shot thanks to France Télécom. I hope things improve so that I can fly more.

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