Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lansing - Lake in the Hills - Chicago O'Hare / Cessna 182RG II (N7067V) / VFR

I bought still another Cessna and parked it at Lansing, so that I could fly around the Midwest if the desire took me. I took some virtual friends from Lansing to Lake in the Hills, where I dropped them off. I stayed with the airplane, as I was Born to Fly and I never leave the airport in MSFS.

After seeing my passengers off, I started back up and taxied out for a trip to mighty O'Hare. When I had first materialized in Lansing, a nearly full complement of ATC was online, but as Murphy's Law took hold, they disappeared one by one, and by the time I made my turn towards KORD out of Lake in the Hills, they were just about gone. I went to O'Hare with no ATC.

O'Hare is a busy airport even in VATSIM, and when ATC suddenly disappears, things get dicey. A tri-jet airliner passed nearly right in front of my windshield as I headed towards KORD at 2500 feet. I sensed that there were many aircraft in the area, but almost none of them were announcing on the CTAF, so I didn't really know who might be inbound. I originally planned 14L, but the gusting winds were so strong that I had no choice but to switch to 27L, for which I made a right downwind. I saw another jet flitting about the airport at lightspeed as I touched down on 27L, in the way that only Flight Simulator allows. I managed to cross 14L and found my way with some difficulty over to the FBO ramp, and parked near another aircraft.

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