Thursday, November 6, 2008

Avalon - Compton - Hawthorne / Cessna 182RG II (N7167V) / VFR

Two short flights from Avalon to Compton, then from Compton to Hawthorne. I originally planned to stay at Compton for a while, then I realized that it was getting dark, and I didn't want to be in Compton after dark, even at the airport.

The flight from Avalon was routine, with a right downwind departure to the east from runway 22. The weather was nice and clear, and I left before the 5 PM deadline. I stayed at 3500 and flew a heading of 006 to intercept the 251 radial from Seal Beach, then flew 001 to intercept the 090 radial from LAX. After landing I realized that I could have simply followed the Compton NDB in, which I'll probably do next time.

The runways are tiny at Compton, but more than sufficient for my tiny airplane. I landed and taxied over to the ramp, dropped off my passengers, and topped off the tanks. Soon thereafter, I realized the part of town I was in, and decided to leave before it got truly dark outside. So I taxied back out, took off, and headed for Hawthorne, only about 30 seconds away to the northwest. It's not clear from the charts whether KHHR is in the LAX Class B or not, but there was no ATC online, so I didn't need to care. KHHR has a nice big runway and is a bit more reassuring, so I decided to park there for the night.

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