Monday, October 20, 2008

Las Vegas - Phoenix / Boeing 737-800 / IFR

Still in Las Vegas but in a different airplane, I started at gate C24 as Southwest Airlines Flight 1574 (which started from the same gate). I was late pushing back, but the real flight was delayed as I taxied out, so I would end up arriving earlier than the real-world flight, as usual. I was told 19L when I got my clearance, but the tower changed this to 25R by the time I was ready to taxi. I accepted an intersection departure, which was a little bit tight but I got away with it. In my clearance I was cleared directly to FL290, my cruise altitude, but Departure amended that to 19000. A few minutes later I got FL290.

Albuquerque Center was online when I departed, but soon disappeared, as usual. I had no ATC until I arrived at Phoenix and was taxiing to the gate, at which point Approach signed on. It was too late to use ATC then, so I just taxied in silence to my gate, C8 (the same as real life, although I arrived much earlier).

I hand flew the last mile or two of the landing. The landing wasn't very soft but nothing broke.

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