Tuesday, August 4, 2009

San Diego - Phoenix / Beechcraft Baron 58 (N2751W) / VFR

This evening I decided to fly back to Phoenix in the Baron I had parked at Jimsair in San Diego. I filed BARET IPL BZA MOHAK GBN ALLIS at 7500 VFR. I was given no restrictions in my clearance into the Bravo on departure, only a squawk, which was odd but I had no problem with it.

I flew almost entirely on autopilot (my Barons are chock full of cool avionics), and I nearly dozed off during the uneventful night flight. Flying the Baron is such a breeze after having to do everything by hand in a 152! For landing I was given a left downwind to 25L, which conveniently put me right next to Cutter, where I parked. The landing was a bit harder than I would have preferred, but still acceptable, and no harm done.

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