Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Big Bear - Ludlow - Shoshone - Beatty / Piper Dakoa (N9702W) / VFR

I made multiple stops at several tiny airports during this evening flight, conducted not long before sunset.

I started at Big Bear, where I had finished a previous flight in one of my Piper Dakotas. My first leg took me from Big Bear to a private strip called Ludlow via the Hector VOR. That went pretty much without incident.

My next leg took me to Shoshone, via Baker (both are small airports). I plotted my course with the aid of VORs, but I confused the frequencies for Daggett and Hector and ended up flying too far east for a while. Comparison of the terrain outside the window with the charts made it clear that I was going the wrong way. I eventually managed to overfly Baker, and then going up to Shoshone went a little better.

After landing at Shoshone, I had just enough light outside to make another flight to Beatty. That involved simply flying roughly northwest (a heading of about 310) until I intercepted the 126 radial from Beatty, and then to the VOR and the field. It went okay.

It was getting pretty dark by the time I reached Beatty, so I stopped there. None of these destination airports seems to have any fuel, so I'll need to fly somewhere and fill up, soon.

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