Friday, May 29, 2009

Santa Paula - Redlands / Cessna 182RG Skylane (N7049S) / VFR

This flight, made just around sunset, was pretty routine, except for the weather. I had big fluffy clouds right on my route along the way, so I had to make multiple detours to avoid them (since I was VFR). In particular, a mess o'clouds right over VNY was a problem. I couldn't climb fast enough to go over them, and going under them would have put me into the Class C, which I wanted to avoid, so I made a big detour around them as I climbed from 5500 to 9500 over the hills. I finally got back on track just shortly before I had to turn towards the Pomona VOR.

I was still at 7500 after crossing Pomona, so I made a long descent beneath the haze to reach Redlands. Visibility wasn't great inside the haze, but it was still legal VFR, and I could still easily see well enough to make my landing, which was very smooth.