Saturday, May 23, 2009

Phoenix - Los Angeles / Boeing 747-4AA (N706ML) / IFR

Moving from the smallest to the biggest, today I flew one of my standard routes from Phoenix to Los Angeles in my new 747-4AA, equipped with Pratt & Whitney engines so that I could have it painted in Boeing livery (not available for the GE engines).

The flight went perfectly. I flew the aircraft by hand briefly out of Phoenix, and then again for landing. I'm happy to say that the landing was flawless (I checked it from multiple angles). I even managed to oversteer just exactly right on the taxiways in order to keep the aircraft from running off into the grass—that, too, proved to be well executed when I checked it.

I started from gate 23 at Phoenix, which I specially reserved for my use, and parked at the international terminal at LAX, also with special authorization (easy to get in a virtual world).