Sunday, April 26, 2009

Princess Juliana - St. Barthelemy - Princess Juliana / Cessna 182RG (N7126H) / VFR

Just a short round-trip jaunt in one of my many Cessna 182s to enjoy the scenery and weather. No autopilot, no VORs, no SIDs or STARs, just flying directly from one airport to the other. And, remarkably, my landing at St. Barth was excellent—perhaps because I'm flying such a small, slow airplane. St. Barth's is tricky, especially if you have anything bigger than this small Cessna. The landing at Princess Juliana is much easier; they can even accommodate 747s.

FlyTampa has amazing scenery for both Princess Juliana and St. Barth airports. It's hard to tell the difference between the scenery and the real thing. I even saw a lime-green Smart car driving up the hill in St. Bart's while taxiing out to the runway for take-off.

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