Monday, November 3, 2008

Lake Tahoe - San Francisco / Cessna 182RG II (N7167V) / VFR

I decided to fly from Tahoe to San Francisco, via the narrow valley that Highway 50 follows west and south of the lake. VFR conditions prevailed throughout the valley, although things got cloudy thereafter. Technically, I wasn't always in VFR conditions, but it didn't make any difference because there was no ATC online to help me with IFR, anyway. I just tried to avoid the bigger clouds as I encountered them.

This was a straightforward flight from VOR to VOR, Hangtown to Linden to Manteca, then west 44 DME and a turn to 254 until I intercepted the 283 radial from SFO, then up to the airport. I could have gone straight in visually but I flew the ILS by hand for practice. Landing was glassy smooth.

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