Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sky Ranch Carefree - Phoenix Sky Harbor / Cessna 152 (N701YL) / VFR

This flight was so short I wonder why I bother to log it. It was in one of my 152s, which has been parked at tiny Sky Ranch in Carefree for a while. Even in the klunky 152, this flight only required about 20 minutes. Entirely visual and pilotage, of course. I know Phoenix well, so no need to bother with VORs and what-not (the 152 is not generously equipped, anyway).

I requested my clearance into the Class B as soon as I left the ground, since there isn't a lot of room for delay. Received it and proceeded towards Camelback Mountain, with instructions to make a right downwind for 26. It ended up that I was closer to the base leg than the downwind, which the tower noticed. They proposed a base for 26 and I took it, and I also got approval to land long, since my favorite parking spots in the shade on the north side of the field are at the west end of the runway.

The only real excitement was a jet on my tail that made it important to clear the runway quickly once I touched down. My chosen point of touchdown was ideal (I know the airport well), and I was able to scoot off to the taxiway in a flash, and it was only 200 feet or so to my parking place.