Thursday, May 14, 2009

Santa Paula - Redlands / Cessna 182RG Skyland (N7049S) / VFR

A routine little flight from the small Santa Paula airport to the small Redlands airport, which took about 45 minutes. I flew entirely by hand, and held my altitude and course pretty well. However, after crossing VNY, I made a mistake and tried to follow the 095 radial to POM, when I should have been following the 095 radial out of VNY. I noticed that I was drifting over the mountains and the needle still wasn't lining up, and finally I figured out what was wrong and returned to my correct course.

Landing was very smooth at Redlands. It was just starting to get a bit foggy so I suppose I landed just in time. And I left Santa Paula at dusk, which I interpret as meeting the restriction of no night operations at that airport.