Saturday, August 30, 2008

Philipsburg - San Juan / Boeing 767-300ER / IFR

I thought I'd fly a quick night flight from Princess Juliana Airport in the Netherlands Antilles (St. Maarten) to Luis Munoz Marin in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It's only 170 nm, so it's very fast in a heavy airliner.

I flew as Delta, even though Delta doesn't serve St. Maarten as far as I know (?).

All went well from pushback to climb, with nice weather and good scenery. Unfortunately, as I approached San Juan, the sim froze, so I had to stop right there. I couldn't get it started again. Some sort of freak accident, I suppose. Oh well.

Fly Tampa's scenery for St. Maarten and several surrounding islands is superlative—you can gaze at the hotels and see the cars and bicycles driving around as you taxi out to the active. The Imagine scenery for San Juan is good, also. That, plus the short distances involved and the harrowing position (and corresponding challenge) of Princess Juliana airport, make this a fun area in which to fly for me.