Tuesday, March 17, 2009

North Bend - Rogue Valley / Beechcraft Bonanza A36 (N7365F) / IFR

A short flight from North Bend on the coast of Oregon to Rogue Valley, about 90 nm inland. There was a lone controller online at KMFR, but by the time I actually got into the air, he was gone.

The flight went very smoothly, strictly by the book, all lateral and vertical navigation respected. I hand-flew laterally up to about OTH, then switched to AP until I reached MOPIO and started my descent from 9000 to 5000 by SAMIE. I then engaged the AP again for the ILS runway 14 approach, and disengaged it about a mile from the airport and hand-flew the landing, which was glassy smooth, I'm happy to say.

Weather was reported VFR at the destination airport, and it was, but I was worried for a bit because I had quite a bit of clouds on the way in at 9000.