Tuesday, February 17, 2009

San Jose - Los Angeles / Boeing 737-800 (SWA1408) / IFR

This was a short little flight from San Jose to Los Angeles, mirroring the real-world SWA1408. I like short flights, as I don't enjoy lingering at cruise for hours at a time, in virtual life or in real life. Plus, this flight out of San Jose is a change of pace, given that I spend so much time flying around between Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego (when flying airliners).

The departure was the SJC9, which involves almost a 180° right turn to the south from 30R (the runway I was assigned). You have to stay at or below 5000 until told otherwise. The reason for the sharp turn and the altitude restriction is that you have to avoid interfering with traffic arriving at San Francisco International. The Class C over KSJC ends at 4000, then the overhanging KSFO Class B to the north starts at 6000.

The rest of the flight was unremarkable.