Monday, October 20, 2008

Perkins - Las Vegas / Cessna 182RG II / VFR

No sooner had I dropped off my mysterious virtual passengers (three of them) than I was taxiing back out for a trip to Lost Wages. Fortunately I just land, fuel up, and take off again, without visiting the Strip. I usually park at Signature on the west end of the field. Sometimes I can see those spooky JANET 737s parked nearby. Sometimes I hear them on the radio, too. They just fly into the Box and disappear, then they reappear at some later time.

Once again I headed out over the lake. The shadows were getting longer by now. Since I was going to LAS, I had to call up ATC while I was over the lake and ask for clearance into the Class B. In the clear afternoon air I already had the field in sight by the time I go my clearance, so I was instructed to make straight in for 25R. Shortly thereafter I was cleared to land, and I made another glassy-smooth landing—it's easy to do in a Cessna.

The taxi to the Signature terminal was almost as long as the flight, trundling down between 25L and 25R and then crossing the other two runways. I finally parked and shut down.

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